Mr. Dhianu DasInvestor

Dhianu Das is a pure top-management personality with high business etiquettes and leadership superpowers. He is a man who can bring life to a new business idea with his exquisite treasure of knowledge and abundant experience as a management consultant. Das is an active angel investor in many start-up startups creating products which are solving a problem and used by millions daily. He invests both his money and trust in the companies who have the idiosyncratic business ideas and the passion to change the world.

From seed funding to enlarging or expanding the business, he has been an extensive support to many start-ups. He is always ready to welcome new minds who strive to get that ‘one chance’ to prove themselves. With his insights into the revolutionary business ideas, he has given new dimensions to many early stage companies of various domains. He has eliminated the gap between entrepreneurs and their dreams by advising and funding their business and enabling them to become the business tycoons of tomorrow.

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