Mr. Rupam ChaudhuryGlobal Industry Vertical Head (EIS) Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Rupam has over 20 years of experience in product development in Engineering and Industrial Services (EIS) business including NPI for Medical Device and Diagnostics companies. He pioneered the entry of TCS in the medical devices market more than a decade ago and initiated, managed and sustains several relationships in the USA, EU and UK.
Rupam was also the original architect of the TeamCenter for Medical Devices (TcMD), a DMR, DHF and Risk Management module which works on top of Siemens PLM software.

Rupam has consulted leading Medical Device companies on compliance readiness on Design Controls, Manufacturing Controls, Adverse Events and Complaints Management, launch and recall readiness on an over-all QMS including the applicable IT systems strategies. Rupam has created the bio-medical simulation expertise in TCS with advanced simulation techniques, both predictive analytical and visual. His practice has created several unique product patents in Medical Devices over the years. He serves as the Global Industry Vertical Head for Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing for TCS business within the Engineering and Industrial Services group.

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