Mr. Rajesh Gupta Founder & CEO,

An innovator by brain, philanthropist by heart and hard core businessman by profession - Rajesh Gupta: Founder & CEO having diversified presence in Retail, Waste Management, Real Estate, Finance & Farming. Though he has a flourishing family business Bharat Group with an annual turnover of around Rs.1200 crores but his hyperactive brain with lots of ideas never keeps him stable in one venture only. He extended his arms into retail sector by the name of FreshFalSabzi(FFS). FFS has opened his doors in the year 2015.

His venture is making a buzz in consumers as well as in groceries retail industry. FreshFalSabzi or say FFS is a unique farm-to-fork service that provides farm fresh, ozone cleaned and nutrient intact fruits and vegetables right at the customers' doorstep.

FFS started with a great and fruitful thought with the mission that aspires to payback Indian farmers alongside serving better health as it offers 350+ varieties of exotic and regular fruits and vegetables at the lowest assured prices. The company encourages almost no cold stored fruits and vegetables, handpicked by food technologists from farms, & accredited vendors every morning.

Mr. Gupta has been recognised at several prestigious forums for his contribution to the healthcare need of under privileged and he has established a Diagnostic Centre where anyone from underprivileged section can get their diagnostics done from blood test till CT Scan without paying for the same.
Being a member of Arch C. Klumph Society of The Rotary Foundation he has contributed USD 3,60,000 till date.